Masterclass com Anna Lundqvist e Martin Olsson - YOKE.

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Data do evento: 27-11-2017 11:00 - 13:00 Exportar evento

Localização do Evento: Auditório 4 - UL

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Masterclass:    Interaction and innovation – The minimalistic secrets.

Músicos:   Anna Lundqvist & Martin Olsson - YOKE
Vocals and Bass.


Vocals and bass. So simple and so hard. How do you choose the songs and arrangements that set them both free from the instrumental traditional norms and rules? Anna and Martin plays their favorite jazz standards, original tunes and other genres in new directions. They want to develop the duo sound and make the bass and voice equal in the interplay and arrangements. YOKE will share with you, in a concert, the thoughts around creating this duo and also invites you for some jam and exercises. Bring your gear!


Born in Stockholm, 1977. Educated at Skurups program for jazz musicians, with a final exam in 2000. Since then she's been working, mostly with her own music, as a vocalist, composer, arranger and producer. Released her fifth album MEWE in September 2017 together with her quintet, ALQ, her main band. She also arranges music for big band, combo and her second band Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic. As a daytime job she's the artistic director at Musikakademi Vänersborg, the jazz and improvisation dept.


Born in Uddevalla, 1980, south west of Sweden. Educated at Academy of music and drama, in Gothenburg. Martin is a freelance bassist and guitarist. He also produce music, all genres. Since 2005, he's been touring the world with all kinds of projects as Gentlemen and Gangsters (swing band), Gunnar Källström (Swedish folk singer), big bands and combos. Unlike Anna, Martin's working with a wider spectra of genres and can be found in both shows, theaters, TV-productions, jazz clubs and arenas.

  Prof. Doutor Massimo Cavalli
Coordenador da licenciatura em Jazz e Música Moderna
Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais
Universidade Lusíada
Data:   27 Novembro 2017
Hora:   11H00 - 13H00
Localização:   Auditório 4 - UL
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